About me

Hi and welcome! My name is Emilia Angergård and I’m a swedish fashion blogger. I’m 20 years old (1996) and have blogged for 2 years. Here you gonna read about my passion for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, feelings, work, traveling and everything I think about. I always blog about fashion for a good price, that’s why I started this blog. To give people that don’t have the economy inspiration for cheaper fashion.

– Nominated as ”the fashion blogger of the year”, Finest Awards 2015
– I won the price as ”the fashion blogger of the year” in Blog Awards Örebro, 2016
Nominated as ”the fashion blogger of the year”, Finest Awards 2016
– Nominated as ”the nordic blogger of the year”, Blog Awards in Finland 2016

I am also a model and have done many model jobs, most for fun. I’ve worked at a grocery store since I was 16 years old and I just graduated summer 2015. I went commerce and administration route at Yrkesgymnasiet in Sweden.

”Fashion may be expansive but style never is” – Emilia Angergård

Hope you like my blog, please feel free to contact me: emiliaanger@hotmail.com or https://emiliangergard.nu/collaboration/


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